Bartending may not be for everyone, but it can be an interesting and fulfilling profession. Requiring customer service skills as well as being able to deal with a wide array of personalities on a daily basis – many celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Jon Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres and Bruce Willis started out their careers by bartending.

Step one is to understand all of the types of alcohol, and also develop your mixology abilities.

How to Get a Job as a Bartender in NYC

New York City can make it hard to break into bartending without prior experience; many businesses won’t even consider hiring you without prior exposure. If you want to break in as a bartender in NYC, Forbes suggests starting by getting your TIPS certification and searching for smaller bars or restaurants willing to train new hires; you should also aim to establish relationships with bartenders you already know in order to learn from them and mirroring techniques which could speed up the job hunt process.

Your social media can also help spread word of your desire to become a bartender in NYC. Ask friends, family and acquaintances who know bars and restaurants to pass along your resume to them for contact. Job searching online may be useful; just read qualifications carefully when applying. Many of New York’s premier bartenders are highly sought after – make sure your worth is known before applying only at high-profile establishments.

Bartending requires many skills that cannot be taught in school, such as customer service and stress management. Along with serving drinks, bartenders are also responsible for cleaning and stocking their bar, sourcing liquor from suppliers, ordering additional supplies if necessary and creating garnishes. Furthermore, bartenders may be asked to monitor patrons to ensure they remain within legal drinking age parameters while not becoming impaired and potentially dangerous to themselves or others.

Bartending jobs require not only knowledge of liquor, cocktails and beer but also an ability to interact with all types of people from children through business executives – the ideal candidate must possess strong interpersonal communication skills as well as be cheerful in personality.

Bartending can be an extremely rewarding career despite its difficulties. New York bartenders can earn significant earnings during busy nights when tips are plentiful; but it is important to remember that most bartenders work for cash only and so must pay considerable taxes without receiving employee benefits. Furthermore, they often must remain highly skilled to remain relevant and make maximum money. In some industries bartenders must constantly improve their craft in order to remain relevant – further complicating matters when seeking higher-paying positions later on.

Tips for Getting a Job as a Bartender in NYC

New York City offers many bartending jobs, yet finding one can be an arduous journey. Some bartenders start as waiters before moving up the ranks; others attend bartending school and find employment immediately; but no matter your level of experience it’s essential to remember that much of its success depends on your personal skills and connections.

Not only must you know how to create popular alcoholic beverages, it is equally as essential that you possess excellent customer service skills and be friendly towards customers. In this industry, building strong customer relations will encourage repeat business as will displaying cheerful attitudes when dealing with difficult customers.

Bartenders need the ability to upsell customers. For example, if someone orders a vodka and coke from you, try to persuade them to upgrade to more costly liquor products – upselling can increase tips while giving bartenders more money in tips!

Bartending schools typically teach their students how to upsell customers effectively and profitably, using this skill without becoming pushy or pushy. It is crucial that this technique be executed without ever becoming pushy or irritating for your customer base.

To secure a bartending job, the best approach is to apply at multiple bars and restaurants near your area as well as searching online for job postings. After applying at several bars, call them up to set up interviews – remembering to bring along positive energy as you do this step! – and show enthusiasm about working for them.

As well as possessing a solid work ethic and being willing to put in extra hours and weekends, bartending requires dedication and hard work – but the end results make the effort worth your while!

Starting a bartending career in NYC can be challenging, but with enough determination it can be accomplished. The key to finding success as a bartender in this city lies in applying at various bars and restaurants while being flexible with your scheduling. Entry-level jobs like barback or busboy positions may provide necessary experience before becoming a full-fledged bartender yourself. Finally, having someone you know working as a bartender also can greatly increase your odds of landing one! If you follow these tips then your career as a bartending career will begin in New York!